A proposition for a standard digital signature in every EU citizen's identity card, allowing for easy, fast, secure and privacy-preserving electronic authentication

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  • It will let citizens authenticate both offline and online, no matter where they are at the moment
  • It will allow interoperability between institutions within the EU, regardless of the country of origin
  • It will enable and accelerate e-governance, reducing bureaucracy and saving time and money for both citizens and governments
  • It will make e-healthcare, e-banking, e-taxation, etc. easier and more secure
  • It will make online voting and e-democracy possible

When and how?

  • Now
  • Some countries already have electronic identification.
  • No extra cards - it will just replace your existing ID card when it expires
  • The EU can standardize a solution and set deadlines for inclusion in the identity cards of all member states
  • It's doable in terms of technology, only political will is required

Will it hurt our privacy?

  • No
  • It will preserve privacy - no one can trace when and how citizens use their identity cards.
  • Citizens use the digital signature only if they want to
  • If a card is stolen, together with the password/PIN, it is easy and fast to invalidate it, making identity theft nearly impossible

How to implement it?

Who can make it happen?

  • The European Parliament (legislature)
  • The European Commission (executive)
  • Member state parliaments and governments
  • You, as a citizen and voter

What can you do?

  • Ask your candidates for Member of European Parliament whether and how they support a unified E-ID
  • Share this website - spread the word
  • Ask questions and discuss - here or here